Terms + Conditions

Payment & deposits

When a booking is made 50% of the price will need to be paid as a deposit. This is a non-refundable deposit and secures your booking. It is shown in your confirmation email.
The remaining balance is then paid four weeks prior to your arrival in resort. Your invoice will be sent one week before the payment is due via email. Payments must be paid by the due date or a daily late fee of €5 will be added to your invoice.

Booking payments can be made by bank transfer or using TransferWise.

Babysitting and any extra hours worked will be payable directly in resort to your nanny.

At the beginning of any booking we suggest that you supply some pocket money for the week ahead, to pay for food for lunch and any other trips and treats for the children during the week.
At the end of the week you will get back any change and all receipts from anything purchased for the children.

Working Hours

Your booked hours will be agreed on before arrival. Any extra can be discussed with your nanny once you have arrived in resort. The extra hours will be charged at €20 per hour and paid in cash directly to your nanny.

Any hours pre-booked and not used are non refundable. It is up to the client to use the hours paid for.


In the event of a cancellation on your behave:
• If you cancel your booking your deposit will not be refunded.
• If a cancellation is made 4 weeks or less to your booking a payment in full will still be requested or not refunded.
• If your child becomes ill with an infectious illness and can no longer be looked after, we will be unable to refund you any of the booking amount.

In the event of a cancellation made by A-Range:
• If your Nanny is ill and unable to come to work, we will try our best to find a replacement nanny; in the event that a replacement cannot be found you will refunded for the days that you did not receive childcare.

Force Majeure

We cannot accept any liability nor compensation for any prevention of enjoyment to your holiday, loss/damage/death to a person or any shortcomings to your holiday, due to a ‘force majeure’ event occurring. These events may be (but not limited to) war, riot, civil strife, sickness, quarantine, terrorist activity, natural disaster, fire, technical problems with transport, adverse weather conditions, avalanche/landslide danger, closure/congestion of airports/train stations and all similar events out of our control.

Snacks & Lunches

Depending on the company or accommodation you are staying with, your nanny may cook lunch and snacks for your children or take them out to a restaurant.

When staying in a catered chalet you may need to check with them first to ensure your nanny is allowed to use the kitchen.

When staying in a self-catered chalet your nanny can of course cook hot meals for your children.

We do not provide food, but our nannies will be happy to go shopping for you at the beginning of the week.When taking the children out to a restaurant, your nanny will keep a record of money spent along with receipts to give to you at the end of the week.
If you would like your nanny to meet you at a restaurant please ensure there is a safe way for your nanny to get to the restaurant on foot (public paths and walks) if you would like child friendly easy accessible restaurant recommendations do not hesitate to ask Ally.

Special Requests

Please ensure that you provide us with all the information needed on your child’s allergies, likes and dislikes, disabilities etc on the Child Information Form and sent to us prior to your arrival in resort so that we can prepare any requests to the best of our abilities.

Tour Operators & Hotels

It is your responsibility to inform your accommodation supplier that you will have a nanny working in their chalet/apartment/hotel before booking your nanny. Should you fail to inform your accommodation provider and upon your arrival your nanny is not welcome in to the chalet/apartment/hotel the amount will not be refunded.

Health & Safety

We take health and safety very seriously for A-Range Childcare. With each booking we take as many measures as possible to ensure the health and safety to all the little ones in our care. Ultimately it is the tour operators or owners’ responsibility to ensure that health and safety regulations are adhered to in accommodations. If the client has any concerns over the health and safety in their accommodation they should speak directly to the tour operator or owner to resolve the issue.

Due to strict laws in France, insurance and health and safety, our nannies are unable to ski as part of their job.

A-Range Childcare’s nannies hold an in date first aid certificate and are DBS check. Insuring all little ones are in safe and competent hands.

Note: If your child/children have an accident or suffers a loss or damage to his/her personal effects or money, A-Range Childcare will not be liable to pay any damages or costs.
If your child/children incurs any liability to a third party for example, of injury caused by your child/children to a third party, loss or damage to the third parties personal property or effects, A-Range Childcare will not be responsible.


Pleasure make sure your holiday insurance is up to date before you travel. It is necessary for you to inform me of your Travel Insurance documents - company name, reference number and contact number for the company. A-Range Childcare requires this information in the event of injury to your child/children resulting in a visit to the medical centre or hospital whilst in our care and a parent/carer is not present.

Complaints Procedure

Should you have cause for complaint during your holiday then please let it be known so that the matter can be dealt with and the rest of your holiday is satisfactory for you all. If you feel that your complaint is not dealt with efficiently in resort, then please write to Ally within 28 days after your departure. I will acknowledge your receipt of complaint and will reply within 28 days from receiving the complaint and will let you know if I will need longer than this period of time to reply accordingly.

It is very important you follow this procedure otherwise A-Range Childcare reserves the right to refuse your complaint to accept any responsibility or liability from your claim. You will accept we will not accept your claim if we use my reserved valid right.

Our Liability to you

Please note that A-Range Childcare’s acceptability to liability does not include ski lessons, lift passes, transfers, ferry crossings, airport/train stations delays/closures, car hire and accommodation. We will not be responsible for any injury, illness, death, loss (including loss of enjoyment and loss of possessions), damage, expense, cost or other sum or claim of any description whatsoever which results from any of the following:

  • the act(s) and/or omission(s) of the person(s) affected by any member of a third party not connected with A-Range Childcare, of which were unforeseeable and unavoidable

  • force majeure.

Please note, we cannot accept responsibility for any services, which do not form part of our service (ie. Things that are recommended by the hotel/chalet) or services and facilities that any supplier agrees to provide for you. Also, any other excursions/activities that are booked in resort.

Privacy Notice

A-Range Childcare do not send any of your personal data to any third parties.

What we have:

  • yours and your family members names

  • email address

  • contact numbers x2, plus an emergency number for another member of your family with you (if no one else with you we will accept a number of another member of your family back home)

  • your home address

  • your insurance details

Please ensure you provide us with the correct information.

We take these necessary precautions to keep your data safe. We will not store your information for more than 12 months after our last contact.